Indonesia Kratom Ban Only 4 Months Away; This Will Cutoff America’s Kratom Supply & Cause Prices To Skyrocket (God Forbid)

Several years ago Indonesia passed a decree to ban Kratom exports, and this law is scheduled to go into effect at the beginning of 2024, which is only 4 months from now. Basically, the Indonesian government gave a grace period so Kratom farmers could have time to switch to other crops, and that grace period is coming to an end and it will become illegal to export Kratom from Indonesia. No progress has been made to reverse this decree despite years of efforts from Indonesian Kratom Farmers and American Kratom Advocates, and this is an ominous sign that it’s likely the next 4 months will pass without a solution.

This is an extremely serious situation, since essentially all of the Kratom in the USA comes from Indonesia. A tiny amount of Kratom comes from Thailand (it was only recently legalized, Thai Kratom forests were burned down previously, and it will take decades for new Kratom forests to mature there), and a tiny amount of Kratom is grown by Kratom enthusiasts in the USA, but the only place with enough Kratom forests to facilitate commercial scale Kratom exports is Indonesia.

The fundamental economic law of supply and demand makes it clear what will happen: the demand for Kratom is ever-increasing as more and more Americans are discovering Kratom’s incredible benefits, and if the supply is cutoff in early 2024, prices will surge to astronomical levels. I predict that online Kratom prices will easily rise above $1000/Kilo.

The market impact of the ban will be gradual, since several Kratom distributors in America have been stockpiling tremendous amounts of Kratom in preparation for the ban, and even after the ban takes effect container ships full of Kratom will still be arriving for the next 2-3 months. But eventually the stockpiles will run low and no more commercial-scale Kratom imports will be arriving.

The American Kratom Association is hopeful that the ban will be reversed before it takes effects according to their latest update on the situation. And efforts are ongoing in Indonesia to convince government officials to halt the ban before it starts according to the local Indonesian news. However, this optimistic thinking has been going on for years now, and there’s been no concrete progress to reverse the Indonesian ban. And to be clear, the Indonesian ban is already law, not a proposed law, so the law needs to be modified/repealed for the ban to not happen.

All things considered, Kratom users should stock-up on good Kratom at the current low prices, such as $70/Kilo Kratom on — Indeed, Kratom prices are lower than ever since Indonesian farmers and American vendors have been coordinating to transport as much Kratom as possible into the United States while there is still time, so the market is effectively flooded with abundant Kratom right now.

That being said, Kratom users should be careful when stocking up, since the approaching ban has resulted in widespread exit-scamming and chaos among Indonesian Kratom exporters. Basically, since alot of Indonesian Kratom growers/distributors are making their final Kratom deals, and after this they will no longer be doing business, alot of weak/old, cut, and contaminated Kratom is being sent to the USA.

This is exacerbated by the fact that numerous Kratom farmers have switched to other crops, so access to commercial-scale fresh Kratom in Indonesia has dwindled. This lack of supply combined with higher Kratom exports/demand than ever before is creating an opportunity for corrupt Indonesian businessmen to meet the demand with bad Kratom and fake Kratom.

Due to this, Kratom users need to buy from reputable vendors who fully lab-test their Kratom and offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee coverage, such as – since it would defeat the purpose of stocking up if Kratom users end up buying bad Kratom.

Of course, the future is not set in stone, and with enough prayers, efforts, and miracles, the ban could be reversed. Regardless, it is better to be prepared rather than caught by surprise. Right now someone can buy 10 Kilos of the highest-grade Kratom on 10Smoke for $700 — if the ban happens, it is likely to get to the point that $700 buys just 1 Kilo — Also, there’s no risk in stocking up on Kratom, since if you keep it in an air-tight container and away from light it will remain in 100% perfect condition.

I will post updates on the 10Smoke blog as news about this ban comes in. And I am committed to helping as many Kratom users as possible to prepare for this situation, by providing 100% pure and highly potent Kratom at the lowest prices for as long as possible.

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