Cookies & Brownies 200MG Delta-9 THC & THC-P



Delta 9 Cookies & Brownies


Experience a sublime elevation with Numb Cannabis Co’s carefully crafted Delta-9 THC and THC-P Cookies and Brownies. Impeccably balanced and exceptionally delicious, these indulgent edibles are the harmonious union of culinary craftsmanship and cutting-edge cannabinoid science.

Every packet consists of ten meticulously baked cookies or brownies, each infused with a potent blend of 20mg of our premium Delta-9 THC and THC-P. Sourced from the finest organic cannabis, our proprietary blend is engineered to deliver an exceptionally smooth and refined high.

THC Cookies & Brownies


At the heart of these treats is the iconic Delta-9 THC, known for its distinctive effects, inducing a blissful sense of relaxation, creativity, and euphoria. Paired with the relatively new THC-P, the duo creates an unprecedented journey through uncharted territories of serene pleasure and profound tranquility.

Our cookies and brownies do more than just deliver a robust, well-rounded high; they create an all-encompassing sensory experience. Each bite is a testament to our commitment to quality, starting with rich, chocolatey goodness that leaves a lingering sweetness on your palate, beautifully harmonizing with the earthy undertones of premium cannabis.

Packaged with discretion and designed for dosing precision, our brownies are perfect for both seasoned connoisseurs and adventurous novices, allowing for a fully customizable cannabis experience. The individual packaging of 20mg per cookie or brownie ensures you can effortlessly control your experience, whether you’re seeking a gentle uplift or a deeper journey into cannabis-induced euphoria.

Delve into the world of gourmet edibles with Numb Cannabis Co’s THC Cookies and Brownies. Here, unparalleled flavor meets unrivaled potency, resulting in an edible experience that is truly unforgettable. Discover the heightened realms of relaxation and creative inspiration that only our expertly infused edibles can provide. Let Numb Cannabis Co guide you through an exhilarating journey of the senses – your exploration into the incredible world of premium cannabis edibles starts here.

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Customer Reviews

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this brownies are the best!

Never got it

Never got it, didn't get a refund either. Sent multiple messages left unanswered.

Never got it

Still says label created since Nov 8, it's after Thanksgiving and nothing's changed. Never buying from here again.

Layla Patel
No Better Delta9

The effects from these brownies are THE BEST. Gonna stock up on a ton of these ASAP

Harper Gupta

This hits me better than any other legal Hemp product, never had such pure happiness/goodness before from anything in this category

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