Deltapex Baked Edibles 1000mg Delta 8 + 100mg Delta 9 + THC-P



Delta 9 Edibles 1000mg

Introducing the Deltapex brand legal THC Baked Edibles. This revolutionary line of edibles harmonizes gourmet quality confectionery with a potent combination of cannabinoids, resulting in a sensory experience that truly tantalizes the palate while providing a rich, satisfying journey for the senses.

Each 10ct bag of Deltapex Legal THC Baked Edibles is thoughtfully imbued with a comprehensive blend of cannabinoids including 1000mg of Delta-8, 100mg of Delta-9, and THC-P. The combination of these cannabinoids delivers a multi-layered experience; the mellow, focused euphoria from Delta-8 pairs harmoniously with the exhilarating, invigorating effects of Delta-9. THC-P rounds out this trio, adding its own unique qualities to enhance your edibles experience.

1000 Mg Chocolate, Cookies & Other Edibles

Setting these edibles apart is the delectable range of flavors. Our culinary experts have crafted seven magnificent varieties, each offering a distinctive journey of taste and texture.

Sprinkle Cookies offer a nostalgic twist with their delightful crunch and festive sprinkles, evoking memories of simple childhood pleasures. Vanilla Caramel Cookies deliver a harmonious blend of creamy vanilla and rich, buttery caramel, all cradled within a perfectly baked cookie. Chocolate Balls are an indulgent treat, a symphony of velvety chocolate that melts luxuriously in your mouth.

Blueberry Muffins are a classic comfort, packed with the vibrant, juicy flavor of ripe blueberries within a soft, moist muffin. Xtreme Chocolate delights the chocolate purist with an intense cocoa experience that is simply irresistible. Choco & Nuts Cookies fuse the deep, rich taste of chocolate with the satisfying crunch of nuts, providing a perfect balance of texture and flavor. Lastly, Chocolate & Nut Brownies offer a decadent, fudgy treat, peppered with the subtle crunch of nuts.

The Deltapex brand Legal THC Baked Edibles redefine the very essence of edible products, transforming them into an extraordinary fusion of taste and sensory fulfillment. Each bite brings forth the exquisite harmony of gourmet confectionery and the transformative properties of cannabinoids, making these edibles an essential addition to any discerning connoisseur’s collection. Savor the essence of extraordinary indulgence with Deltapex’s Legal THC Baked Edibles.

1000mg too much? Order the Delta-8 500mg edibles. Other great Delta products include our Delta crispy chocolate, Delta Grizzly Balls & more from Deltapex!

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

I ended up eating 2 cookies, thinking the buzz wouldn’t compare to what I’ve experienced with other true edibles.. Holy shit, was I wrong. I was high for 2 days. Start off with the intended dosage, these things are legit.

Christopher Cooper

I’ve been experimenting with lots of different THC’s and this is the right one for me, helps me go to sleep and wake up ready for the day

Aria Harrison
Quality Treat

A+ effects, long duration too, I will be reordering soon

Daniel Mills
Boom Goes The Dynamite

Next time I'm splitting this edible in half, absolutely blasted into orbit on my 1st experience. Not complaining though :)

Daniel Williams
Best THC Blend

I am impressed with how potent and effective these are for me, must be the blend of D8, D9, THCP, which is quite unique

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