Frozen Grizzly Ice Pops 500mg Delta-9 THC


Introducing Deltapex’s Frozen Grizzly Ice Pops – the ultimate confluence of taste and tranquility. Delightfully infused with a potent dosage of 500mg Delta-9 THC, these frozen treats are designed to take your recreational cannabis experience to new heights.

Each container holds ten individually packed ice pops, guaranteeing you a precise and consistent dose of 50mg Delta-9 THC per use. We’ve meticulously crafted our Frozen Grizzly Ice Pops with your wellness in mind, ensuring that every single serving is measured accurately for safety and efficiency.

Our Frozen Grizzly Ice Pops arrive in a vibrant medley of five mouth-watering flavors – Tropical Punch, Orange, Sour Fruits, Strawberry, and Green Apple. These aren’t your typical childhood ice pops; they’re a refined, adult twist on a classic favorite. Each flavor is carefully concocted to tease your palate, starting with the first lick of its icy surface to the final, satisfyingly sweet, THC-infused core.

Tropical Punch bursts with exotic fruit notes, transporting your senses to sun-drenched islands. Orange delivers a citrusy thrill, akin to a sunny morning in a flourishing orange grove. Sour Fruits is a playful mix of tangy favorites, perfectly balanced to deliver a refreshing zing. Strawberry offers a taste of summer’s sweetness, reminding you of a leisurely picnic in a sun-kissed field, while Green Apple brings a crisp, slightly tart explosion, like biting into a fresh apple straight from the orchard.

The Deltapex Frozen Grizzly Ice Pops offer more than just an enjoyable way to consume THC; they offer a sensory journey. Their delicious taste and reliable potency make them a superior choice for both seasoned and novice cannabis enthusiasts alike. Plus, their convenient packaging means they are ready whenever and wherever you are.

Experience the frosty delight of Deltapex’s Frozen Grizzly Ice Pops and let us guide you towards an elevated state of calm, relaxation, and overall well-being. It’s more than a treat; it’s a lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Daniel Crawford
Summer Treat

We’ve been having heat waves for weeks and this really helped! Excellent D9!

Eva Fletcher
Woah Dude

The dose of Delta-9 in these is huge, at least for me, and it sent me to space y’all

Benjamin Morgan
Grizzly Review

Overall these frozen edibles were good, but I like regular edibles like brownies/cookies more

Natalie Peterson
Nice Ice

Very solid and long lasting THC high! Just not very portable since it melts quick, but I guess that’s unavoidable

Daniel Wang
Frozen Funtime

I’ve always loved Dollar store ice pops, and this takes it to the next friggin level man!

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