Gummies Delta 8 + Delta 9 + THCP 5500mg



Discover the unrivaled power and delightful flavor fusion of the Numb Cannabis Co Gummies, a trailblazing offering from the specialists at 10 Smoke. These gummies stand in a class of their own, delivering a potent, multi-layered experience of cannabinoids wrapped in a medley of irresistible flavors.

Each gummy is meticulously infused with a formidable 275mg of Delta-8, alongside a balanced 10mg of Delta-9 and a complement of THC-P. This potent blend harnesses the mellow, uplifting euphoria of Delta-8, the exhilarating, invigorating qualities of Delta-9, and the unique attributes of THC-P. Together, they craft an indulgent sensory journey that’s as rich and complex as it is powerful.

Due to their exceptional potency, each gummy is designed to be divided into four separate servings. This feature ensures a high degree of dosage control, allowing for a tailored experience suitable for both the seasoned aficionado and those embarking on their high-potency edibles journey.

But Numb Cannabis Co Gummies are not solely about intensity; they are also an invitation to a gourmet flavor exploration. Our range includes three delectable flavors, each skillfully crafted for a memorable tasting experience. Blueberry Cotton Candy offers a sweet celebration, blending the tangy richness of blueberries with the fun and nostalgia of cotton candy. Wild Berry provides a burst of luscious berry flavor, reminiscent of a walk through a wild, fruit-laden forest. Peach Mango invites you on a tropical escapade, combining the juicy sweetness of peaches with the vibrant tang of mangoes.

These gummies set a new standard in the world of cannabis-infused edibles. They embody the perfect harmony of exceptional potency, sensory satisfaction, and the delightful dance of gourmet flavors. Revel in the extraordinary with Numb Cannabis Co Gummies.


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Victoria Zern
Great stuff

I had these before and the gummies would stick to the teeth like bee's wax, but this batch is significantly better and the flavor is much smoother where I don't need to chase it with vitamin gummies.

Kevin Smith
Sure. I’ll share my thoughts…

My order came wrong. Even the packing slip says 2 delta 8. Not one delta 8 and one 9. I have a huge jar of d8.
I’ve emailed and called numerous times as I did on the previous order that was wrong as well. No response. These aren’t the only 2 orders that came wrong and I tried contacting you. Customer service is non existent. I’m really upset bc I had to place another order with rush shipping bc of no response from you and needing them now.
The gummy’s are amazing. Also. You advertise 3,00g on the website. Then the receipt shows 2,800. Then the last one I got was 5k or 5,500. I forget. Obviously I’m not mad about the insane 5k! That’s an amazing price for that.
So. I have no idea what will be delivered tomorrow. …no idea on mg’s or if I’ll get d8 or d9. Or if I’ll EVER get the FREE kratom shot. It never comes. I quit even mentioning it in my emails.
Product 5 stars.
Customers service .., zippy. Non-existent. No one has EVER answered the phone, retuned my messages or returned my emails. Ever. For months and months.

Maria Nguyen

I decided to get these cause I’ve never had THC-P before, and wow I’m impressed

Sophia Mitchell
Good for what it is

Overall I prefer Delta9 edibles, but for Delta8 it doesn’t get much better based on my multitude of experiences

Walter Anderson
Delicious and strong

I HIGHLY recommend these gumnmies to anyone who likes Cannabis! Really nice that I can legally have these too so I don’t have to stress

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