Liquid Diamonds Baked Disposable Vape 3000mg THC-A & THC-H



Introducing the Liquid Diamonds Disposable Vape by Baked, brought to you by the leading innovators at 10 Smoke. This unprecedentedly potent device comes loaded with a massive 3000mg blend of both THC-A and THC-H, charting an unseen territory in the world of vaping. It’s not just a vape; it’s a portable sensory journey that guarantees a profoundly intoxicating encounter with euphoria and relaxation.

Every puff from the Liquid Diamonds Disposable Vape is an exhilarating exploration into the powerful effects of cannabis, carefully balanced to offer a truly immersive experience. Unleash the exquisite synthesis of THC-A and THC-H to experience a euphoria that surpasses the ordinary, and the deepest relaxation that washes over you like a tranquil wave.

This one-of-a-kind vape is available in a meticulously curated selection of five enticing strains, each promising a unique sensory adventure. Choose from the dreamy mystique of Blue Dream, the electrifying punch of Sour Diesel, the tried-and-true tranquility of OG Kush, the succulent whisper of Watermelon Zkittles, or the celebratory flourish of Wedding Cake. Each strain is an ode to its unique character, delivering an unforgettable bouquet of flavors and sensations.

The Liquid Diamonds Disposable Vape, with its superior formulation and contemporary design, embodies the Baked brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and the ultimate user experience. This is not just a product, but a testament to our passion for providing the best vaping solutions.

Experience the undiluted essence of cannabis in its most powerful form with the Liquid Diamonds Disposable Vape. Step into a world of intense euphoria and profound relaxation. Dive into a sensory voyage of exotic flavors and powerful strains. Don’t just vape – revel in the extraordinary with Liquid Diamonds. It’s more than a vape; it’s your personal canvas for painting the most vibrant experiences. Capture it today and let your senses dance in delight.

Customer Reviews

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Perry Houts


Kevin Smith

I placed an order on Friday 11/18. It is now 11/20 and I have not received an email with so much as an order confirmation! I’ve called. Left messages. Left emails. No response but you sure did charge me! What is going on???!!!!

Kevin Graham
Better Than Others

I’m deep into the legal THC world so I’ve tried almost everything. I can say this is better than almost all the other THC-A vapes

Eric Williams
Maximum Euphoria

Versus all the other types of THC’s this one mixes the best with me and makes me smile from ear to ear every time. 5 Stars easily!

Nigel Graham
Blasted Away

Be careful to wait a little while before puffing more, I was over-eager and got shot right into outer space. Other than that 100% good experience

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