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Introducing the SUBMIT Kratom Shot, an extraordinary elixir that redefines the Kratom extract landscape with a potency and effectiveness that stands peerless. Designed to deliver an unparalleled, robust experience, SUBMIT paves the way for new standards of quality in the world of Kratom extracts. Each bottle contains a massive serving of 300mg of the highest-grade extract, with 200mg total alkaloids and 135mg of Mitragynine.

The SUBMIT Kratom Shot is expertly formulated, manifesting in two distinct offerings. For those dipping their toes into the Kratom world or for moderate users seeking a balanced blend, the Green variant, our Mighty Blend, is the ideal choice. For those conversant with the strength of Kratom and demand an extreme experience, the Gold variant, our Extreme Blend, is tailored specifically for high-tolerance Kratom connoisseurs.

Each shot of SUBMIT is a masterstroke by the world’s leading Kratom scientist, who has meticulously curated a full spectrum blend of Kratom alkaloids. With an exceedingly potent concentration of 125mg of Mitragynine and 185mg of total alkaloids per shot, SUBMIT is more than a product – it’s a statement of quality and intensity that is unrivaled.

The prowess of SUBMIT doesn’t stop there. Infused with innovative nano-encapsulation technology, the efficiency of the Kratom alkaloids is significantly enhanced. This technology ensures each shot hits faster and stronger, transcending the performance of any other Kratom shot in the market, delivering an experience that is both immediate and profoundly impactful.

Moreover, at 10 Smoke, we pride ourselves on our commitment to purity and transparency. To this end, each SUBMIT Kratom Shot undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ascertain 100% potency and purity. The result is a product that you can trust, ensuring every drop from your SUBMIT Kratom Shot contains the purest, most potent Kratom possible.

Indulge in the SUBMIT Kratom Shot – an apex formulation setting the gold standard in Kratom extracts. A powerful beacon of potency, purity, and swift action, the SUBMIT Shot invites you to transcend your current Kratom experience and step into a realm of unparalleled quality and performance. Elevate your senses with SUBMIT – the unrivaled Kratom extract that leaves no room for compromise.

Customer Reviews

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NEVER received "FREE" gift-- bait and switch

I wish i could give an actual review on this product but i never recieved it, and after i emailed support 3 times about it--- they refuse to even reply back to me.

Philip Anselmo
looks great!

looks great!

Barbara Hicks
Wrong order

You sent me white mang da kratom powder instead of capsules! Please send capsules. That is what I paid for or reimburse me!

Jonathan Peritz
Missing Products

I am missing 12 submit gold shots from my order of 15 shots. I have called and emailed for 5 days now and have not received any response.

Thomas Kanspedos

Good quality very happy with my order..thanks

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