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Step into the world of unparalleled quality with 10 Smoke’s Super Green Kratom Capsules. Our expertly curated selection comes in four varying quantities—50ct, 100ct, 250ct, and 500ct, catering to both occasional enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs.

The Super Green Kratom variety we proffer is nothing short of extraordinary. Meticulously hand-picked from the verdant heartlands of Southeast Asia, we use the most vibrant, potent, and freshest leaves, promising a product that transcends typical industry standards. It’s not just Kratom, it’s a unique experience designed to evoke a blend of powerful energy, tranquil relaxation, and euphoric pleasure, delivering an exceptional, holistic balance like none other.

At 10 Smoke, we deeply value our customers’ trust. To ensure your peace of mind, all of our Kratom undergoes stringent laboratory testing. We pride ourselves on our commitment to pureness and potency, providing you with a product that is 100% unadulterated, ensuring not just the highest quality, but a truly authentic experience.

And because we believe in the remarkable caliber of our Super Green Capsules, every order comes enveloped in a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Your journey with us is risk-free, allowing you to explore the mystique and allure of our Super Green Kratom with absolute confidence.

With 10 Smoke, you’re not just purchasing Kratom, you’re investing in a journey of quality, authenticity, and an unparalleled sensory adventure. Embrace the transformative power of our premium Super Green Kratom. Because you deserve nothing but the best.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
It’s like tea

Great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to green Maeng da. It’s like a glass of tea, wakes you up and lets you focus.

Luke Watson
As they say, Less is More

Very satisfied with the Super Green overall, I just caution to take less than you’re used to since this is extremely strong for Kratom caps

Zara Reed
Won’t Buy Anywhere Else

Lately I’ve been getting complete GARBAGE from other companies that used to be good. I’m sticking with 10 Smoke for now on, they’ve never let me down

Henry Anderson
Rocket Fuel

This Kratom is absolutely fire. I love it!

Harper Grant
Nice Combo

Took this and then the free shot I got with my order and I had a pretty nice day :)

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