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Introducing 10 Smoke’s White Borneo Kratom Powder, the epitome of vitality and purity harnessed in a truly holistic experience. This is not merely a Kratom strain; it is a vigorous symphony of invigorating effects crafted by nature itself, revered by those who seek a balance of energy and potency.

Harvested from the heart of Borneo’s verdant landscapes, our White Borneo Kratom strain is as pure as the tropical breezes that rustle through its natural habitat. This variant is renowned for its potent and dynamic characteristics, offering full-spectrum effects that manifest in an animated, stimulating, and uplifting experience, unlike any other.

At 10 Smoke, we take meticulous care in every step of our process to ensure our White Borneo Kratom Powder maintains the rich potency that Mother Nature intended. Each batch is lab-tested for both purity and potency, allowing us to confidently guarantee that every granule you receive is nothing less than 100% pure.

Our Kratom’s authenticity is not simply a claim, but a proven promise. Each package is backed by stringent quality control, ensuring you a product devoid of any contaminants, additives, or substandard components. It is this rigorous dedication to excellence that distinguishes our White Borneo Kratom Powder from the rest.

Elevate your senses with 10 Smoke’s White Borneo Kratom Powder. Immerse yourself in the experience of energizing tranquility and dive into the full spectrum of life’s potential.

Customer Reviews

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Jay Fleener
White Borneo

Best I’ve had

David Marshall
Bogus website

Don’t buy Kratom here. They’ll steal your $$.

Excellent White Borneo!

I was skeptical to order from a different company than usual. I'm happy to eat those words because this Kratom is WAY better in every way possible! It's 'smoother', it lasts longer AND it's less expensive! Can't ask for more than that. I will most definitely be placing another order.

Emily Adams
White Borneo A+

For now on this is 100% my go-to for white, super fresh and excellent effects

Bella Anderson
Great for Mixing

I like making my own trainwreck by mixing Red, Green, White, and this is the best white for blending in my opinion

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