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Great white

This is excellent, price is great and got to me fast!

Buy 10 get 3 Free!!
Philip Anselmo

incredible product!

Great kratom

Very energetic

Buy 10 get 3 Free!!
Randall Bowling
Kure kratom shot

Great price.Great product. Quick shipping. Repeat customer


this brownies are the best!

good quality and fast service

good quality and fast service

I got screwed!!

I ordered a 75ct a delta 8. The 5,500mg one. The 225mg per gummy. What I got was the old stuff with 125mg a gummy. Of course there’s zero customer service. I called. Left messages. Sent emails. No reply. There never is. The order prior to this never showed up at all!! Ever!! I even put this in the order comments and still no response from them. Just like with this review. They don’t care. I got half of what I should have gotten. half dose per gummy so I have to take 2 to equal 1 of what I normally get. This is crap. Don’t buy from here. I never get my free kratom shot either. BUT I GOT A FREE T SHIRT LAST TIME!!! Call me off you’re interested in fixing anything. Doubtful but we’ll see. You have my info. All of this has robbed me of money.

Quality products and great customer service

I love 10smoke products..especially the diamond extract shot. I recently had an issue with my package not being sent to USPS for shipping and when I reached out to the 10smoke team they immediately got on it and was able to get my package delivered! They were helpful and followed up to ensure I received my package. Definitely will be ordering again soon.

Bag was open

I’ve ordered from you guys in the past and have always been very satisfied with everything unit my last order. I sent a picture of it with an email attached and never herd back.



Great stuff

I had these before and the gummies would stick to the teeth like bee's wax, but this batch is significantly better and the flavor is much smoother where I don't need to chase it with vitamin gummies.

Never got it

Never got it, didn't get a refund either. Sent multiple messages left unanswered.

Never got it

Still says label created since Nov 8, it's after Thanksgiving and nothing's changed. Never buying from here again.

I never got it

This place is a scam. I ordered it and the WMD took my money never got my order theey never answer calls or emails. Do not give them your money it is a scam


Fast service....

NEVER received "FREE" gift-- bait and switch

I wish i could give an actual review on this product but i never recieved it, and after i emailed support 3 times about it--- they refuse to even reply back to me.


I placed an order on Friday 11/18. It is now 11/20 and I have not received an email with so much as an order confirmation! I’ve called. Left messages. Left emails. No response but you sure did charge me! What is going on???!!!!

Never received order

I do not like leaving negative reviews but in this case I have to. I placed an order on this site over a week ago and never received an order confirmation and customer service has been non existent. I won’t be purchasing from this site anymore. It’s sad because previously I had a good experience but this has soured that experience entirely and I doubt this can be reconciled.

Lost package

Lost package. Tracking says the post office has not received package. My last order I gave 5 stars but can give only 1 star now and will update rating when package delivered.

10 smoke is a scam

I ordered and paid for WMD and got a tracking number and they said it shipped however when I tracked it through USPS they said they are still waiting to receive it from them and it still says that now 2 weeks later. They never answered any of my many emails and never answered my calls or voicemails. This is the second time this exact thing has happened through 10smoke. They are a complete scam. DO NOT GIVE THESE PPL YOUR MONEY!!!!!!


I ordered 4 days ago and I haven’t even received a receipt! Do you have my order??? I paid for 2 day shipping to.
Maybe you see this since you do not answer the phone ever. In the 8 months I’ve been ordering you’ve never once returned an email or answered the phone. I’ve had issues with several orders and no way to remedy the problem bc you don’t respond, answer the phone or return vm’s. Left 7 about this problem and no return call. I don’t expect to get one. I’ll have to dispute this. For sure I’ll get my money bc you won’t respond. It’s a dummy mailbox and phone. Never gets checked. Either one. This is crazy.

Seemed different

Doesn’t seem to help me at all this time, don’t know what was different because I ordered the same thing. Maybe time to try something different. Shipping and everything else was great.

Less Kratom for a better blissful state. Still able to sleep. Will buy again and refer.

Don't buy anything from here.

Never returned my call or email. No customer service,just a recording. If you get the wrong order you are stuck with it.

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