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A Fantastic Upgrade Of An Already POWERFUL Gummy!

The addition of THC-A to the Delta 9/THCP combo just puts these dummies over the top. An absolutely EFFECTIVE product if you are looking for a solid sleep aid, pain reliever or something to deal with general inflammation. My ONLY criticism is that there is no way to communicate to 10 Smoke. The email address and phone number listed on the site are no longer active.

Great Product. But No Way To Communicate

Absolutely love the product. But the phone numbers AND email addresses listed on both the 10 Smoke and Get Numb websites don’t work. I wish there was a way to communicate because these are quite honestly the BEST edible product I’ve ever used.

SCAM! Took my money and never shipped the items

The phone number listed on their website isn't a valid phone number (just says we can not complete your call). I sent multiple emails asking about my order, and now when I try to email them the email doesn't go through. I've talked to the police. We'll see if anything comes of that. After I ordered my item they sent me a tracking number, but that tracking number continues to just show "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item" 8 weeks later. I am so upset about this. They give vendors a bad name. At this point it's not even about the money. I just hope my review discourages someone else from getting scammed by these horrible people.

Didn't receive my item

Tried to contact you, several times, so I don't no


I ended up eating 2 cookies, thinking the buzz wouldn’t compare to what I’ve experienced with other true edibles.. Holy shit, was I wrong. I was high for 2 days. Start off with the intended dosage, these things are legit.

Not the best batch

I’ve tried a kure Kratom diamond extract shot prior to making an order, unfortunately the 6 shots I bought were at best 1/3 as potent / good. First off the effects (compared to my first ) were a bit disappointing. First shot I tried which was gifted by a friend , took half the shot sublingually, my entire mouth was numb from the mitra % being there in full force . The 6 shots I ordered from here , much less numbing , much less mitra …. Did not get the mood boost , energy or pain relief . I know batches of anything can vary , so no hate or anything like that . But I was excited to obtain what I was hopping would be a consistent product . Oh well. I won’t be ordering again . Customer service was great , the product was not .

Quality Kratom

Works like its suppose to and comes in a nice jar to keep for travel use.

Lasts for hours

I recently tried this shot and was pretty happy with the results. It wasn't over powering and 1 shot lasted me the whole day. Easy to use when your out and about all day. I highly recommend.

Best Red yet

I have fairly severe arthritis pain and have tried most of the red strains out there, including Trainwreck which I really like. The red indo is the winner hands down! It works quickly and lasts a long time. I highly recommend Red Indo for pain relief.

Gummies 500MG Delta-9 THC + THC-P
These Dummies Are LEGIT

I’m not normally a fan of ANYTHING Delta 8, 9 or whatever. Call me old-school… but I want my natural, un-messed with, non-GMO'd flower. THESE particular gummies, however, might be the only exception. Incredibly effective for a good solid nights sleep. And, they are freakin’ delicious! #MANGO

buy 10, get 3 free

Not too bad, not as strong as I expected, but ok..

Kure Kratom Shot - Diamond Extract

K-STRIPS were excellent!

I highly recommend "K-Strips" from 10Smoke. This is one of the best kratom extracts you can get! I will be sure to purchase more of these.


The first few times, it's taken longer than expected to receive an order. This last time was fairly quick though and much appreciated. As for the products themselves, they've been very good. Thank you 10Smoke.

works great!

works great!

White Maeng Da

Potent and seems to be superior quality. Order sent out quickly. Very pleased.

One of the best on the market

I suffer from L4/L5 back pain and the relief that this stuff gives is truly amazing. I didn't know which company to reorder from (picked it up in Vegas at a show originally), but once I reached out to the company, they were friendly, fast and courteous. Probably one of the easiest online purchases I've ever made on an amazing product. My chiropractor is using it to work on me as well now.


works great!

Great white

This is excellent, price is great and got to me fast!

Buy 10 get 3 Free!!
Philip Anselmo

incredible product!

Great kratom

Very energetic

Buy 10 get 3 Free!!
Randall Bowling
Kure kratom shot

Great price.Great product. Quick shipping. Repeat customer


this brownies are the best!

good quality and fast service

good quality and fast service

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